Finding Short Term Rentals

Short-term accommodation can be much harder to find in Cardiff and most landlords/letting agents will insist on a minimum contract of six months. If you are looking for less than six months you can try the following options:

University Residences

University residences may have availability in a hall of residence, this is particularly true in the summer months. You should contact Cardiff University Residences directly to enquire about this option, or read the guidance on the intranet

Private Halls

You may be able to find short term accommodation with a private halls of residence, you could contact them directly to discuss. Some examples are listed below:

Online Marketplaces

Websites such as Gumtree, Facebook or AirBnB can be used to find accommodation too. Be aware that scams do operate on these sites, so be sure to visit the property in person before you pay any money to them, never pay in cash or cryptocurrency, identify the property owner, and do some research on market rates. If you are not 100% confident, walk away.

Letting Agencies

Try contacting letting agencies, including Cardiff Student Letting, to see whether they have any short term lets available. You can contact Cardiff Student Letting by emailing or calling 02920 781525. For more information, please see their website

Ask around

Your course mates, or societies/sports club friends may have a spare room you could stay in temporarily, and you could be doing them a favour by helping with their rent. Just be aware that subletting could put them in breach of contract.

How can we help?

When you do find somewhere to live you will usually be asked to sign a contract. Student Advice offer a free contract checking service so please let us know if you would like an adviser to go through the paperwork with you. We can also advise on your rights and obligations in more detail if you have not rented privately in the UK before.

Please see the Student Advice housing booklet for more information on renting, and if you have any questions, contact Student Advice.