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National Union of Students

NUS is one of the largest student organisations in the world and represents the interests of around five million students in further and higher education throughout the United Kingdom.

It is a voluntary membership organisation comprising of over 750 local student representative organisations in colleges and universities throughout the United Kingdom. Every one of these is known as a constituent member (CM) and pays an annual subscription fee to NUS. The funds raised from affiliation fees are used to fund the campaigns and activities of the National Union, including the running of all of the democratic structures in which the union is entitled to take part.

When you pick up your University ID card, you’ll notice that it has the NUS logo on it. This is because your ID card also doubles as your NUS democracy card, allowing you to vote in NUS & Students’ Union elections. It is also shows that you’re entitled to use the Union building and services.

NUS EXTRA Discount Card

NUS Extra is the premium discount card for students. Packed with offers and vouchers designed to save you money, the NUS ‘Extra’ Card helps you to make the most of student life. A range of exclusive discounts, offers and competitions have been negotiated for NUS Extra members. More offers are being added by the week to the discount pages, so keep checking nusextra.org. NUS Extra saves you money on cinema tickets, clothes, CDs & DVDs, food and much more! And it’s not just discounts on offer. Throughout the year, you’ll also have access to “money can’t buy” competitions, dream tutorials, and even the odd exclusive download track.

NUS Extra costs just £12. Order your card today at nusextra.org or visit the Finance Office on the 3rd floor.