Who we are


Sexual Health Awareness Group


SHAG is a student-led service committed to increasing awareness and understanding of fundamental sexual health issues. We are recruiting an extremely passionate group of student volunteers dedicated to supporting the wellbeing of Cardiff University students by encouraging them to be safe.

You may have seen our dispensers around the Students’ Union – and if not, check them out! There are condoms and sanitary products free for anyone to use.



We think it’s really important to develop an understanding about sexual health and provide a safe environment in which to start a conversation – and clearly some of you do too!

Sexual health is particularly important for students, as University is often an opportunity to embark on completely new relationships experiences – so let’s do it safely.


What else do we do?

Previous SHAG Committees have worked with the YMCA to be trained in delivering a C-Card service. C-Card is a service whereby young adults can learn how to use contraceptives, and collect free resources from SHAG to protect their sexual wellbeing.

Take over the CU SHAG social media and spread postive messages of safe sex.


What’s next?

If you’re passionate about sexual health, helping others and spreading the word, then SHAG is just for you! If you are interested in getting involved with SHAG, contact us at to find out more.

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