Housing Action

Housing Action

Lets talk about Cathays.


Moving to a new area can be a difficult time for anyone, but for students, it can be particularly challenging. The likelihood is that this is the first time a student has to think about who they want to live with, what their budget is, whether they should sign a contract…or is this mould normal?!


Cathays, the heart of the student community, is a valley in wet Wales. Cathays has character and its where the action is, hence its recurring popularity among our student community.


But, the housing in Cathays often has underlying issues of dirt, damp and mould.


Who we are

Housing Action is a Student-Led Service aimed at educating and informing students of common housing issues that can occur during your tenancy, but more importantly, how these issues can be resolved.


As a member of Housing Action, you can:

  • Highlight common housing issues across the student community.
  • Promote tips and tricks to look after your home.
  • Signpost students to housing advice centres.
  • Campaign to hold agents to account.


Housing Action is a Student-Led Service aimed at educating and informing students of common student housing issues that may occur and offering tips on how to solve or limit potential problems. Not only do we signpost students to useful services within Student Advice, but we also promote key information at critical points of the academic year.


Ultimately, we aim to empower students to make the best possible choices for themselves when it comes to accommodation.


This year, we are looking to work alongside ACORN Cardiff. ACORN Cardiff is a community and tenants’ union who take action on issues including housing and local services – from stopping evictions to getting repairs done. Since 2020, ACORN Cardiff have won back £1000s in stolen deposits, rent arrears and unfair charges, forced landlords to do real repairs to unsafe homes, and have stopped evictions and kept families safe. Read more about ACORN Cardiff here, and sign their campaign against guarantors and rents up front here!



The need for Housing Action comes largely from our awareness of the scale of housing-related issues that have the potential to negatively impact on a student’s time at Cardiff.


From being unhappy in halls, to being coerced into tenancy contracts without understanding legal rights, to dealing with faulty appliances, there are a multitude of difficulties that can arise that need your support!


You can empower tenants across Cathays to make the best possible housing choices to support their time at University.


ACORN Cardiff are also hoping to provide direct action training for members of Housing Action, helping boost your skills in dealing with difficult landlords.


Sign up

If you are passionate about improving student accommodation – maybe having even dealt with some of these issues yourself – and want to become part of the Housing Action Committee, then sign up below, or email us at StudentLedServices@cardiff.ac.uk to find out more.


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