Housing Action

Housing Action

Cardiff Student Housing Action is back!

Calling all Cardiff University students! Are you passionate about improving the living conditions in our city? Are you interested in gaining experience in the world of campaign research and communications? Do you want to contribute to a community of like-minded change makers? Or are you just fed up with mould? Then join our newly-active Housing Action group!


Why housing?

The global housing crisis has put a squeeze on students. The shortage of suitable available student housing has left many students struggling. But we have the opportunity to make a difference at our university and make sure that Cardiff remains a welcoming, affordable and liveable city for students for years to come!


What are we doing?

We believe in information before action, so this term, as a newly-reactivated society, we are gathering information on the experiences of Cardiff University students. We are currently conducting a university-wide research project to gain detailed insight into the real experiences of students in all types of accommodation. If you would like to take part in an interview or focus group to support our research, please email Abi at HousingAction@cardiff.ac.uk. All students can also respond to our housing standards survey, which can be found here:



What's next?

Our long-term plan is to make the Housing Action group an effective permanent fixture in Cardiff. All of our group members are currently in their final year of study and so we're looking for first- and second-year students to take over the committee for next year! This will be a democratic process later in the academic year. If you are passionate about housing justice and interested in running for a committee role, please contact Abi at HousingAction@cardiff.ac.uk. Our current members can provide research, campaigning and leadership training to help kick-start your housing action journey!


Got issues with your housing?

If you have an unresolved issue with your university accommodation and you would like our support, do get in touch with Abi at HousingAction@cardiff.ac.uk. The group can signpost you to the relevant services or arrange to meet to discuss more pressing issues.

This group is still in the early stages but down the line we hope to offer drop-in sessions where people can discuss their housing issues, and give students a voice with our upcoming housing survey. If you are interested in getting updates when there are new opportunities to get support and give feedback, email Abi at HousingAction@cardiff.ac.uk.

Together, we can keep Cardiff liveable!

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