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Our Love Cardiff store will be bringing you all the Cardiff University branded clothing, gifts and keepsakes to help you graduate in style this summer.


We’re excited to share that we are also bringing back the Class Name hoody range for 2022 graduates.



Our exclusive Class of’ range covers all three graduation ranges this year, so whether you are class of 20, 21 or 22 we have something for everyone!



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Put your Class in 2022 / Class Name Hoody




Class of 2022 are now able to pre-order our exclusive ‘Class of’ hoodies featuring the name of your classmates. This limited-edition hoody will feature all of your classmates’ names on the back categorised by school along with bilingual Class of 2022 design on the front.



Please note the class name range is only available to pre-order online until the 10th June 2022, we will not be able to provide further Class of 2022 orders after this point. However, our plain back class of ‘22 range will be available subject to stock.



Want to opt out? If you do not wish for your name to be featured on the hoody with your class please OPT OUT by emailing no later than 23rd May 2022.



The Class of 2022 range will feature undergraduate students who are due to finish their course between January 2022 and July 2022, please do not pre-order if you have already graduated. Please do not pre-order if you are a postgraduate that is being awarded after June. Postgraduates awarded prior to June 2022 will not be featured on the hoody.



Please check with us in advance if you are unsure by emailing




Graduation Stalls




You will be able to find Love Cardiff throughout Graduation week in a variety of locations below, so be sure to bring your friends and families along to buy you a well deserved Graduation keep sake.



Love Cardiff Shop – Located Ground Floor of the Students’ Union



Please note that the class name hoodies are exclusively online for pre-order only.