About My Role

The Women’s Officer role is to represent female students interests and to campaign on any relevant issues.

About Me

Shwmae, I’m Polly, your Women’s Officer! I’m a 22 year old Politics and Philosophy student in my third year. I am spending this year pushing our SU to make sure everyone has the same opportunities, safety and education regardless of their gender.

I love throwing myself into the SU and the opportunities within it. In my first year I involved myself in as many societies as time would allow, and I spent last year working as the Deputy Station Manager for my favourite society, Xpress Radio. It is during this time that I began to take stock of the universities inner workings and systems, which aren’t as functional for our women, and others of minority genders, as they could be.

I want to work to change that. To make sure that we have support and help systems in place for needs that have typically been overlooked. To create a community of women from all backgrounds and start a conversation about what has been overlooked about their experience. I want to find tangible, practical solutions that make our university safer, more inclusive, and more progressive for every student.

I will try my utmost to achieve this and I will do so through listening. I understand that my experiences will not always be the same as yours and so my door is always open if you have any issues, questions or ideas. If so please don’t hesitate to contact me, I would love to hear from you!

My main priorities for the year include:

  • Work with Student Wellbeing to provide easier access to sexual and reproductive health services, and sexual and relationship abuse and harassment services.
  • Work with external organisations to start women focused skills development programs and workshops.
  • Lobby the SU to provide a range of menstrual products in all SU toilets, regardless of gender. Providing for women and non-binary students in whichever bathroom they are comfortable.
  • Work with already existing phone line services within the SU to provide anyone walking alone at night with a person to call at all times. These trained students know the area, and have a direct line to local authorities and campus security.
  • Create supportive spaces where women, non-binary and trans-people from all backgrounds can have their needs listened to and their experience heard.

What I'm Working On?