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is here to represent female students' interests and to campaign on any relevant issues.


Shwmae everyone! I’m Hanin, your Women’s Officer! I am committed to empowering female students and promoting gender equality. Empowering women does not mean disempowering men. I believe female and male students should work together to empower women because empowering women will empower society!

I am a Ph.D. researcher in the School of Law and Politics. I am Palestinian and my research focuses on the right of return for Palestinian refugees under international law. My research interests are in the areas of Refugee and asylum law, statelessness and human rights Law. Before moving to Cardiff I completed a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a second Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences: International Relations & Combined Studies. I also completed a Master's degree in International Relations. In recognition of my academic excellence, I received a Deans Scholarship at undergraduate level; First Best Year Student Award in International Relations; a Masters Fellowship and a studentship at Ph.D. level. In 2010 I was nominated Miss Palestine in Miss Arab World and in 2016 I was nominated Miss Palestine for the World Muslimah Award.

My passion is helping people and being the voice of the voiceless. I believe the march of 1 million starts with 1 person so I am always willing to tackle social injustices head-on. I am known for challenging stereotypes, defending freedom of speech including the right to teach, learn and debate freely within university campuses and beyond. I am also an advocate for women empowerment, gender equality, refugees and homeless people. I believe every human being has a right to have a home, access to quality education and work opportunities. Access to such rights is essential for people to be able to live with dignity and be active citizens in society. Therefore, in 2017 I raised a petition with the Welsh National Assembly calling for the government to "Tackle Rough Sleeping in Wales." My commitment to helping people has also led me to get involved in a number of projects. I am the Lead Volunteer for the Waste Not Want Not project which redistributes food from catering outlets in the university to local homelessness charities. I am also a co-host on a weekly chat on Cardiff University's award winning radio station ‘Xpress Radio.’ My show is called ‘Irradicals’ and it addresses a variety of issues from the perspectives of 3 outspoken female students from different backgrounds. We address issues and debate them in a free environment that encourages freedom of expression. I am also a member of Enactus Society which transforms the lives of people through entrepreneurship. I am also the International Executive for Cardiff University TV. My department encourages students to launch shows in their own languages! I am also training with the Cardiff Law School Innocent Project which helps wrongly convicted people launch appeals. Last but not least I am a member of the Postgraduate Executive team and the Law and Politics Postgraduate student-staff panel which aim to improve the experience of postgraduate students.

As your Women’s Officer my priorities are:

• Encouraging female students to voice their concerns by making myself available and recognizable to them so they can easily raise their issues with me.

• Raise awareness about the concerns of female students by representing their interests and campaigning on their behalf so that the student union and the university are aware of their concerns. I will also advise them on how they can go about addressing concerns.

• Celebrate the achievements of female students by launching an award that will recognize their achievements!

What Is Working On?