About My Role

The Mental Health Officer is here to create and support campaigns based around raising awareness of mental health and welfare issues prevalent in student life.

About Me

Hi | Shwmae! My name is Rebecca Deverell (she/her) and I am your Mental Health Officer for 2021/22!

I am a third year Law student and I am passionate about increasing mental health support and awareness across campus. Throughout my time at University, I have struggled with my own mental health and understand just how much it can affect not only your work but your social life and relationships too.

After struggling in my first year, I was determined to make something of my second year and wanted to help support struggling students. I joined the Welcome Team, became part of the Advice and Welfare Executive Committee and became President of the Buddy Scheme. Having struggled socially for first year, I put all my heart into shaping this Student Led Service into an active scheme. I wanted people who felt socially isolated to reach out and so the service could connect them with another student just so they could have someone to talk to. Together with the committee, we increased applications to over 150 people and I have met so many wonderful people who are as passionate as I am about helping struggling students. This role showed me just how vulnerable students mental health can be and I am committed to doing my best to support both new students and students who have been here several years.

I also became Mental Health First Aid trained this year which has helped open my eyes to the support services available and how the definition of mental health is different for everyone. I am determined to spend this year on helping reduce the stigma around mental health and make sure that those who are suffering know who to turn to and who to talk to.

Please contact me at the details on my Contact Me page if you have any suggestions or ideas for me! I would love to hear them!

My main priorities for the year include:

  • Create a safe space for students to meet others throughout the year, not just in Freshers, to tackle loneliness and social isolation
  • Help to roll out Mental Health First Aid training to the student population
  • Ensure that those in the latter years of their courses are aware of the support available to them

What I'm Working On?