Vee Somasundaram Mature Students' Officer

About My Role

The Mature Students' Officer role is to represent mature student’s interests and to campaign on any relevant issues.

About Me


My name is Vee, your Mature Student’s officer! I am 23, studying Medical Engineering and in my third year! I am spending this year making sure that there are numerous events being held for mature students to be able to integrate into the university.

I spend a lot of my time as a mentor and a mentor consultant at university. I loved being in charge of social media as a publicity officer in the engineering society and I will make sure that you are always updated and told in advance about the events so that you can make time to relax/enjoy university as I know a lot of us have many other priorities too!

My main priorities for the year include:

  • Hold numerous amounts of events aimed at bringing students together to bridge the gap to increase outreach and change reputations.
  • Increase social activity by running weekly socials in different venues across Cardiff
  • Increase funding by searching for sponsorship opportunities
  • Run the Mature Students Association Facebook and the mature officer twitter page (make sure to join to keep up to date!)

  • What I'm Working On?

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