works to represent mature students' interests at Union and University level and to campaign on any relevant issues.


Hi everyone! I'm Martha and I'm your current Mature Students' Officer. I wanted to be Mature Students' Officer as I would like to break the stereotype that you have to be of a particular age or be married or have children to be considered a mature student. UCAS classes anyone re-entering education over the age of 21. They also estimate that 60% of mature students are between the ages of 21-30 so I felt that I could represent this groups interests as a whole. Being a mature student can be daunting at times, I have totally experienced this feeling! But I think we also contribute to student life in many positive ways as we are a diverse but experienced group.

My priorities for the year include:

  • Build a stronger community of mature students both on campus and online in order to easily support one another and make new friends.
  • Provide clear guidance to both new and existing mature students as to services available to us at university such as financial support, mental health support, maths and writing support etc.
  • Ensure activities and societies are considering the needs of mature students by holding socials or events that allow students of all ages to participate and integrate.
  • Be an active presence by making myself available consistently to mature students who may require support or advice.
  • Ensure other students understand that mature students come from a range of backgrounds and ages but can still be fun and contributing members of our university!

What Is Working On?