Megha Roy International Students’ Officer

About My Role

The International Students Officer role is to represent international student’s interests and to campaign on any relevant issues.

About Me

Shwmae everyone! I am Megha Roy, a second-year international student of B.A( Journalism, media and Sociology) from India and this year honored to be your International Student Officer. I am presently a proud member of the Cardiff Women 1 tennis team and has been the Sports Executive of Cardiff Athletic union in my very first year at Cardiff. Let me share my story with you all. My journey that commenced as a shy toddler clinging behind my mother and hesitantly entering the school premises, saw me evolve into an outgoing, sporty, compassionate teenager who shouldered the responsibility of being the tennis captain from standard three and winning the inter-school tennis championship several times. Dramatics, debating, participating in social work, writing for the school magazine, and conducting school assemblies kept happening to me. The coming years saw me as the House vice-captain and eventually the Head-girl of that very institution. It taught me the importance of teamwork and leading by setting positive examples, lending a helping hand, and standing by truth irrespective of the outcome. I have immense love for animals and I strongly champion their cause being the doting sister to two beautiful furbabies. Having led my high school as the Head girl, I strongly emphasize listening to the student's voice and articulate them well. I work diligently as a team member and independently as well. I value my social responsibilities and have worked with orphan children’s NGO and animal rescue organizations in India.

My main priorities for the year include:

  • Handhold (albeit virtually though for the time being) the international students to ensure their smooth induction in the academic programs and life in general in close association with the International office.
  • Organize regular collaborative online events between different international student societies to gel over music and fun activities, till the time we cannot have on the ground activities.
  • Pursue the University regarding more international scholarships, as it has become all the more relevant in these difficult days of the Covid19 pandemic.
  • Ensure Dropbox for all kinds of suggestions to keep things friendly and interactive. Let us keep alive Cardiff’s legacy of the unbiased, inclusive, and empathetic student union. Let’s turn the ‘HOPE’ into reality

What I'm Working On?