The works to represent the interests of students with disabilities at Union and University level and campaigns on any relevant issues.


My name is Dimitra and I study LLM Human rights. Cardiff is a very friendly student city for everyone. Though, as a student with disabilities myself, during the months I study in Cardiff I have noticed a lot of stuff that could be improved to make our student experience even better.

  • Tackle ableism and stigma with informational campaigns and events organised in the student union
  • Make university halls more accessible to students with mobility issues. (The majority of Talybont houses have no lifts at all!!)
  • Raise awareness for Autism spectrum disorders.
  • Mental health: The waiting lines are long both in NHS and Student Support. Raise the number of people working at the Student Support in order to accommodate students' issues better.
  • Harassment of disabled students: No tolerance policy in university and halls.
  • Create a platform where students will be able to report their experience and make proposals on what could be improved regarding to disability issues.

What Is Working On?