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About My Role

Luke champions societies and student-led activity within the Union, University and community and is responsible for allocating budgets and tiers, as well as supporting and promoting Student Led Services and Campaign Associations.

About Me

Hi Everyone! I’m Luke, your newly elected VP Societies and Volunteering! I have just completed my undergraduate course in Ancient History & French and am eager to get stuck into this amazing opportunity with you, so that your experience within the university through societies is not only a fulfilling one, but also exciting and enjoyable!

Born in Cardiff, I am proud to be a member of Cardiff University where I chose to pursue my love and fascination with history and the French language with a course that would allow me to immerse myself with the things I am passionate about.

Throughout my time in university, I have been involved in a range of societies and groups along with different volunteering activities that have enhanced my student experience. In my final year, joining the Societies executive committee allowed me not only to take part in the day to day running & operations of larger events and activities, but also highlighted the huge wider impact that societies have in enriching the student experience. Through running and being elected as VP Societies and Volunteering, I set out to ensure that such society and volunteering activities could both continue and flourish, and that each and every student had the opportunity to engage with a welcome and diverse community.

Whilst we will face different circumstances and challenges this academic year, I will be working hard to ensure that student groups and activities can continue to thrive, and that no student is left behind. Whilst you can view my manifesto on the Student’s Union page which covers areas that I shall be working on such as training and resources for committee members, there are certain points that will be more relevant and pressing in the current climate concerning what is happening regarding future Covid-19 restrictions throughout the academic year.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions or guidance and I hope that you enjoy the wide range of opportunities that can be found within the University & Union!

My priorities for the year include:

  • Ensuring close communication and connections with societies & students in order to produce a tailored system that will support activities and member participation
  • Working to make sure that we have adequate resources that will provide effective and safe society operations given future potential government restrictions
  • Supporting the awareness and promotion of societies, activities & events by making sure that students are able to effectively engage with groups

What I'm Working On?