Welsh Varsity 2018

Varsity Terms and Conditions

Capacity and Ticketing

  • Any inappropriate behaviour or conduct directed towards ticketing staff at the point of collection will not be tolerated and could result in your ticket being invalidated with no refund provided.
  • All sporting venues have a limited capacity. Entry to all fixtures is not guaranteed when you purchase a package that includes the Day Games. To gain entry, please plan ahead and arrive early. Stewards on the day will advise when venues are full. Please treat all staff with respect.
  • Seating within the Principality stadium is allocated, therefore please refer to your individual ticket for your location within the stadium. It is not permitted to move from this location during the rugby fixtures.
  • We try to accommodate groups and sports clubs sitting together and within the same location - however this is not guaranteed.
  • Only one package can be purchased per person.
  • Entry to the Principality Stadium and Cardiff Arms Park will be via paper ticket. Entry to all other Day Games will be via wristband. Entry to the After Party in Y Plas will be via a different wristband. This is subject to change at the discretion of the event organisers.
  • Please note capacity at Cardiff Arms Park is limited and we are only able to allocate a limited number of tickets for the Freshers' Rugby event. If you are purchasing a package that includes access to the Day Games, you will be given the option to add a Freshers' Rugby ticket to your order the point of purchase (while tickets last). Purchase of a package that includes Day Games does not guarantee entry to this event.
  • Please note all tickets purchased are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged.
  • Tickets and/or wristbands lost, misplaced or damaged cannot be replaced
  • We reserve the right to issue tickets in advance to manage capacity for those fixtures or events we deem to be popular.
  • Many fixtures run concurrently and we cannot guarantee you will be able to see all fixtures. We advise you plan ahead and structure your day accordingly to avoid disappointment.

Behaviour and Security

  • In purchasing a Welsh Varsity package, you acknowledge the rules regarding behaviour and conduct. You are representing Cardiff University and Cardiff University Students’ Union, any breach of these rules may result in you being asked to leave the event and your ticket for any proceeding event being confiscated.
  • Behaviour that contravenes the standards set out in the Student Behaviour Procedure will be reported to the University and investigated under complaint and disciplinary procedures. This can have serious consequences to your education or future career as well as your ongoing participation is sporting or social activity with the Students’ Union.
  • Please note that you are responsible for the conduct and behaviour of anyone you buy tickets on behalf of.
  • A breach of any terms of entry to Cardiff University Students’ Union for the Varsity After Party or behaviour deemed by the Duty Manager to be unacceptable will result in ejection from the venue and a possible ban from the premises. In serious cases, the Police or University may be informed. Unacceptable behaviour includes but is not limited to;
    • Behaviour which is likely to cause intimidation
    • Abusive or discriminatory behaviour
    • Behaviour that causes damage, nuisance, or injury to self or others
    • Behaviour that places others at risk
  • Students are reminded that they are required to conduct themselves within the expectations placed on both members of the Students’ Union and Cardiff University.
  • All venues are likely to conduct security searches to ensure your safety and the safety of others.
  • Please be aware that many venues will not permit alcohol to be taken into the venue or consumed on the premises.
  • Welsh Varsity and associated venues reserve the right to refuse entry to any patrons that act in a way that damages the reputation and/or Premises License conditions of the Students' Union.
  • The use of fireworks, flares or other pyrotechnics at any sporting venue is strictly forbidden. South Wales Police will seek to prosecute individuals using or seeking to bring such items into the event.
  • Please respect other visitors and members of the public at the Welsh Varsity event and in surrounding areas of the city. Follow the directions of stewards at the event.

    The After Party follows our regular night club conditions of entry and are age 18+. All members and guests must provide photo ID as proof of age if asked by a member of the security team or a member of Students' Union staff. We only accept a valid passport or a valid driving licence. If you are unable to provide proof of age, you may be refused entry or refused service at our licenced bars.

  • Entry to all events is subject to venue terms and conditions. Each venue is entitled to refuse entry or eject ticket holders in order to facilitate a safe event.

Drink responsibly

  • No alcohol is permitted to be taken into any Welsh Varsity Venues. All major venues have a range of food, soft and alcoholic drinks available.
  • If you are drunk you will not be served and may be refused entry to licenced or event premises on the day.
  • Remember, alcohol lowers inhibitions, leading to impaired judgement which means you are more likely to take risks and get into trouble

Ticket Collection

  • A FINAL COLLECTION day will happen at the Welcome Centre, 2nd Floor of the Students' Union, Park Place on Monday 8th April from 15:00 - 19:00. This is your LAST CHANCE to collect your package.
  • It is your responsibly to ensure that your ticket is collected during this period. We cannot guarantee that beyond this date we will be able to distribute tickets – but we will try our hardest to accommodate those who cannot attend during this time.
  • Tickets should be counted upon collection and checked that the full quantity expected have been received. Any mistakes realised after the point of collection cannot be rectified.
  • Those collecting tickets on behalf of others accept full responsibility for their loss.
  • For collection purposes, please ensure you have your student number and the student numbers for any packages purchased if collecting for more than one person. You WILL NOT be able to collect using the email confirmation you received at point of purchase.
  • Tickets and/or wristbands lost, misplaced or damaged cannot be replaced.
  • Please note the size T-shirt stated during the checkout process is for internal ordering purposes only. T-shirts will be allocated on a first come, first served basis at the point of collection and we cannot guarantee your chosen t-shirt size will be available.
  • In order to facilitate a faster collection process – all those collecting on behalf of two or more people are required to fill out a form detailing the names, student numbers and ticket types - please click on the button below to view and print the form. The lead organiser needs to then confirm by way of signature that all correct tickets have been received. Please print and complete the form in advance, you can access the form by clicking on the red button below. A small number will be available at the collection point but completion at point of collection will delay the collection process – please endeavour to fill out the form in advance.

View the ticket collection form

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I collect my tickets from?

Collection is from the Welcome Centre located of the second floor of the Students' Union.

When is collection?

Ticket collection will take place from Tuesday 26th March 2019 until Thursday 28th March. Opening times: 10:00-20:00.

What do I do if I have lost my wristband or stadium ticket?

Unfortunately, we are unable to re issue tickets or wristbands as stated in our terms and conditions.

Can I sit where I want?

Tickets for Men’s and Ladies' rugby at the Principality Stadium, and the Freshers’ Rugby held at Cardiff Arms Park all feature allocated seating.

Will I be able to sit with my friends?

Tickets for the rugby game at the Principality Stadium feature allocated seating. This means that if you want to sit with your friends, you will need to collect your packages at the same time. If you can’t all make it to the Students’ Union at the same time, don’t worry, you will be able to send one person to collect all of the packages. (*See what I need to bring?)>/p>

What do I need to bring to the collection point?

Please bring your University student number or student card.

Can I collect packages for my friends?

Yes. You need to make sure that you bring ALL student numbers – we will distribute a form in advance via the ticket collection information e-mail and online. Please complete this form in advance if you are collecting two or more tickets.

Can we take alcohol to the day games?

Bag searches and security will be in place across multiple venues. All venues are licensed sites so only alcohol purchased on the premises can be consumed. There will be food and drink available all day at student friendly prices.

Can I get a refund?

No, tickets are non- refundable . Contact customer service if you have any questions at SUCustomerService@Cardiff.ac.uk.

Where are the rugby fixtures taking place?

The Men’s and Ladies’ rugby fixtures will take place in the Principality Stadium on the 10th of April – Package 1 (RUGBY TICKET & OFFICIAL T-SHIRT) will permit access to both matches.

Are food and drink expensive at the event venues?

Refreshments will be offered throughout the day at student friendly prices on site for the Day Games. We are working closely with teams at all locations to offer you the best prices possible.

Can I buy an After Party ticket if I’m not going to the rugby match at the Principality Stadium?

No, After Party access is only available to students that have purchased Package 3 (Rugby, Welsh Varsity YOLO After Party and T-Shirt) or Package 4 (Rugby, Day Game Access, Welsh Varsity YOLO After Party and T-Shirt). There is a set capacity for the After Party so once tickets are sold out we won’t be able to release any more.

Can non-students buy tickets?

Yes, you can purchase tickets for the rugby fixtures from the Principality Stadium on the day. These are not available to purchased in advance – they can be purchased from the Principality Ticket Office on Westgate Street.

Is there a hashtag? What’s happening on social media?

Yes, we’re using #TeamCardiff on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Get the latest scores and updates from @CardiffStudents. You can also follow #WelshVarsity and @WelshVarsity on Twitter.

What ID does the Students’ Union accept?

Valid passport or valid driver’s license ONLY

When do we collect our t-shirts?

You will collect your t-shirts on the same day as your tickets and wristbands. *Please see ‘When is collection?’

Can I take food with me for the day?

Yes, food can be taken into all venues.

Will tickets for the After Party be available on the door?

No, After Party tickets will only be sold to students that have purchased Package 3 (Rugby, Welsh Varsity YOLO After Party and T-Shirt) or Package 4 (Rugby, Day Game Access, Welsh Varsity YOLO After Party and T-Shirt)


Please refer to our general ticketing terms for more informational specific to night time activity and nightclub entry.