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It's No Joke

We want Cardiff University to be a positive and inclusive place.

This campaign is about promoting inclusivity on a safe university campus with the aim of changing culture and behaviour for the benefit of everyone. We want to make Cardiff an even better place to live and study, where anybody can flourish!

Things to remember

Taking it too far

Banter can go too far which can be hurtful to those around you. Try to be aware of how others feel and know when to stop. Prejudice isn’t funny and shouldn’t be used as the punch line to a joke.

Reduce peer pressure

Peer-pressure can push people into situations they really don’t want to be in. Make sure you respect their limits and remember that no means no.

Know your limits

Only you know your own boundaries, try to establish them before you get yourself into an unwanted situation.

It’s ok to ask if someone is ok

If you see something that doesn’t feel right, it’s ok to ask if people are ok. We’re a community here at Cardiff University, let’s look out for each other.

Respect is the key

If you have respect for yourself and those around you, all of this should fall into place. Respect is essential for creating a positive environment for everyone.

What can you do to help?

Everybody can help make the University a more inclusive and safe place. In fact, everyone on campus is essential to making this happen. Remember the above messages, implement them, and don’t be afraid to challenge others about these issues in a constructive way.

Report an incident

If you feel you have been a victim of inappropriate behaviour, abuse or violence and would like support then please get in touch with the Disclosure Response Team at DisclosureResponseteam@Cardiff.ac.uk or contact Student Advice.

Online Disclosure Form

If you would like to report an incident in relation to a student group associated with the Students’ Union which you feel contradicts the above messages then please complete our online form. You are welcome to provide this information anonymously if you would prefer.

Report an incident