Spartan Airsoft Woodland Trip

SU • Sat 05 October 2019 07:00-17:00

For one of the best airsoft experiences in the UK, book a ticket with us to Spartan Airsoft, our favourite home site. Specially for this event, we will be hiring out the whole site, just for us.

We will provide all of the kit that you will need to enjoy a whole day of airsofting!

You’ll be able to play on over 40 stunning acres of changing woodland, featuring bunkers, trenches, villages, armoured vehicles, and their famous helicopter! Not to mention that the staff are first class. Everything that makes for a great experience that will leave you tuckered out and smiling your face off.

Every year the tickets sell out long before the event, so don’t give it a second thought! Book your place and guarantee a good day out. All skill levels are welcome. If you are a Fresher, this is one of the absolute best ways to meet some awesome and friendly people.