Sports Fair 2021 - Day 1

Tuesday 28 September 2021, 10am - 5pm

1st floor venues

Event Information

  • Athletic Union
  • Freshers Events
  • Freshers' Fairs

The Athletic Union is the body that supports all sporting activity at Cardiff University Students' Union. We support students that run over 65 sports clubs including individual and team sports, outdoor and water sports and martial arts. The Athletic Union fair is absolutely free. It's your chance to meet committee members of each sport to find out more.

For accessibility access, please enter the building from the Senghennydd Road entrance and use the internal lift. 

What Athletic Union Clubs Are There?

There are 65 Athletic Union clubs ranging from American Football to Ultimate Frisbee. A full list can be viewed here. Each club is welcoming whether you've played a particular sport many times before or just want to try it for the first time.

How much does it cost to join a sports club?

You have to pay a basic fee (either £25 or £35 depending on which club or clubs you wish to join) to be a member of the Athletic Union. This fee covers insurance, access to University Sport facilities, staff support, competition costs etc. The good news is that once you've paid your AU membership fee, you're good to take part in as many clubs as you want. Each club has their own specific joining fee.