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Team Cardiff Athlete Of The Week

Proudly sponsored by JUICE & Rhino

Did a member of your club provide an outstanding performance this week and stand out from the crowd?

If yes, nominate them for Athlete Of The Week!

Nominations should be no longer than 200 words and provide details of the persons performance or achievement for that week.

Here are some useful ideas of what to include:

  • What made them stand out from the rest of the team?
  • Did they provide a key role in your victory?
  • Did they show good leadership or teamwork skills?
  • Anything else you think we should know.


The process will remain the same each week. Nominations open Wednesday @ 9am and close 12 midday the following day (Thursday). The chosen athlete will then be named on Friday by 3pm.

You can nominate athletes from individual or team sports and being part of a BUCS sport is not a requirement.

What does the winner get?

Athlete Of The Week profile in Gair Rhydd along with opportunities for further coverage through Student Media (CUTV, Xpress)

Athlete Of The Week beanie

Free entry to JUICE (must be redeemed that same week)

Free meal token for the Taf

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