The Policy Book

This book contains all motions that have been voted on and accepted through Student Council, Annual General Meetings, etc. They state a stance or position of the Students’ Union in relation to both internal activity and external influences. These policies steer and guide the decision making and operational processes of the Students' Union.

Policy Book

Student Members Complaints Procedure, Code of Conduct & Discipline and Appeals Procedures

This document is the entirety of Appendix 1 of the Bye-Laws Appendices, and includes the Complaints Procedure, the Union's Code of Conduct and Discipline Procedure and the Appeals Procedure. The Student Members Complaints Procedure sets out the process for bringing complaints against the Union or any member of its staff or any student, associate, life or honorary member of the Students' Union. 

The Code of Conduct and Discipline Procedure sets out the expectations of members' conduct, and the process that the Union will take with respect to the investigation of inappropriate conduct or behaviour in relation to individuals or groups who hold a student, associate, life or honorary membership of the Students' Union. 

Bye-Laws: Appendix 1

Polisi Iaith Gymraeg | Welsh Language Policy

Crewyd y polisi gan gylch gwaith Grwp Llywio’r Gymraeg. Bu'r polisi o dan ymgynghoriad myfyrwyr ac mae hi bellach wedi'i gymeradwyo.

Polisi Iaith Gymraeg

This policy was created under the remit of the Welsh Language Steering Group. The policy was sent for student consultation and is now approved.

Welsh Language Policy

*The Zero Tolerance and Anti-Lad Culture Policies have lapsed however the Students' Union is still undertaking activity in these areas. For further information please contact democracy@cardiff.ac.uk*

Zero Tolerance Policy

The following document details the Student Council motion which was passed to ensure Cardiff University Students' Union formally adopted a zero tolerance policy to sexual harrassment.

Becoming a Zero Tolerance Union

Anti-Lad Culture Policy

The following document details the policy passed by Student Senate to ensure that Cardiff University Students' Union addresses the issue of lad culture.

Anti-lad Culture Policy