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Corporate Structure

The Union’s activities are managed within a group of three companies, Cardiff University Students’ Union (CUSU), Cardiff Union Services Limited (CUSL) and Cardiff Volunteering (CV). Each of these companies is a separate legal entity with its own Board of Directors; but CUSL and CV are wholly-owned subsidiary companies of CUSU. To help with decision making the Board of Trustees for CUSU has five Sub-Committees which have delegated authority for specific areas of organisational activity. The below graphic demonstrates the Union's corporate structure.

The five Sub-Committees of CUSU's Board of Trustees are Finance & Audit; Human Resources; Chief Executive's Appraisal Group; Health, Environment, Maintenance and Safety (HEMS) and the Appointments & Remuneration Sub-Committee – all of which report to the Board of Trustees.

To enable effective decision-making at these meetings, the membership and / or attendance can include external professionals and Union staff,as well as Trustees. These are people who have significant experience in that field of work so can offer different perspectives and support us with the challenges that we face. 

Cardiff University Students' Union (CUSU), Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees comprises 15 members, and meets at least four times a year to carry out its business. Trustees are elected (or selected) via the criteria established within the Union’s Articles of Association to ensure both student leadership and the recruitment of professional expertise. Meet the Board

Cardiff Union Services Limited (CUSL), Board of Directors

CUSL is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of the Union. CUSL exists to promote the social and educational welfare of the students of Cardiff University by providing services and facilities to its students. Any profits made by CUSL are gifted to CUSU in pursuit of the Union’s charitable objectives.

CUSL has an independent Board of Directors that oversee the work of the company, ensure that it is meeting its objectives and are ultimately responsible for it. The Board comprises the following people: Sophie Timbers (Students' Union President & Chair), Alex Kuklenko (Vice President Postgraduate Students), Milly Dyer (Vice President Societies), Mark Leighfield, Lilly Ryan Harper, Rakesh Aggarwal, Marc Harries and Daniel Palmer.

Cardiff Volunteering (CV), Board of Trustees

CV is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Union and is a company in its own right. CV exists for the advancement of education of students at Cardiff University by creating and supporting volunteer opportunities, working with other charities and community organisations and promoting student and life-long community service among Cardiff University students.

CV has an independent Board of Trustees that oversees its work, ensure it is meeting its objectives and are ultimately responsible for it. During 2016/17, the Board will be expanding to include more student members and student volunteer coordinators. The Board comprises the following people: Sophie Timbers (Chair), Hollie Cooke, Claire Brosnan, Charlie Knights, Jane Goodfellow and Steve Wilford.