Quality Enhancement Review

In march 2020 Cardiff University will undergo 'Quality Enhancement Review', this review will be undertaken by QAA - the Quality Assurance Agency.

Partnership Groups

Last academic year 2017-2018, Cardiff University and Cardiff University Students’ Union continued to work in partnership on the issues that matter to you, there is an opportunity for you as reps to be a part of this commitment to improving the student experience.

You can find out more about each of the projects by heading here

Student Academic Rep Review

This project will ask what an ideal Student Academic Rep system would look like. This will be achieved by assessing the structure and effectiveness of the current Student Rep system, evaluating the effectiveness of Student Rep Coordinator and Student Academic Rep roles and opportunities for enhancement.

Study Life Balance

The project aims to understand current issues and limitations, learn from best practice across the sector and consider scope to develop some principles and commitments regarding student study-life balance that can inform our approach to timetabling moving forward.

Postgraduate Experience

The project will draw on best practice across the sector to develop a holistic, prioritized action plan to improve the experience of postgraduate research students.

Enhancing the Study Environment

Our proposal is for a partnership project to further develop the evidence base, explore the shape of need across our campuses, consider how we can maximize the value of existing and planned spaces and model potential options for immediate and longer-term improvements.


There are numerous committees across the University and Students' Union where student opinion is represented. This page outlines some of those committees.

Union Committees

Student Senate 

Student Senate is the Students' Unions policy-making body and all students are invited to take up seats as Student Senators to represent their fellow peers and help lead the Union forward.


Scrutiny is the process where by students can question their representatives (full time officers and campaign officers). 

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is where affiliations of the students' union and major policy is passed. 

College Forums

College Forums are where the Chairs of SSPs meet to engage directly with universtiy management as well as the Vice Presidents. 

Postgraduate Research Representative Forum

PGRR Forum is the opportuntiy for PGR representatives to engage directly with university staff that have a remit relating to Postgraduate Research as well as the Vice President Postgraduates. 


University Committees

Student Staff Panels (SSPs)

Student Staff Panels are the method by which your representatives (academic reps) can engage with people who run your school. Issues around feedback and assessment, deadlines, modules, office opening hours, module evaluation, external examiners reports, and much more!

Vice President Education

Your Vice President Education attends: University Council, University Court, University Senate, Policy & Resources Committee, Academic Standards & Quality Committee, Senior Staff Meeting