Noah Russell
VP Education
IL Addysg
Yo Cardiff, my name’s Noah and I’m your newest Sabbatical Officer.

I’m studying Politics and Philosophy joint honours, and I was in my third year before putting it on the backburner in order to have a go at making our university a better place.

I’m Vice President of Education which covers a pretty wide remit, but personally I view it pretty holistically, I want to make our campus the most accessible and comfortable it can be to properly encourage positive education.

That means anything from my harm reduction policy: getting aid to students struggling with substance recovery and providing drug testing kits so students aren’t taking dodgy product.

My support for the UCU and their aims, getting our lecturers the best conditions so that they can teach us as best as they can.

My goal to reconstruct our extenuating circumstances policy, which has been butchered in the past year by a university which all too often puts convenience over the health and wellbeing of its students.

Or any other of my manifesto points which are being updated on my tracker.

If you see me about don’t feel shy to say hi, always happy to have a chat, DM me on Instagram, head up to our office on the 3rd floor or email me if you have any queries or concerns 🌝

What I'm Working On?