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What is Scrutiny Committee?

Scrutiny Committee is an opportunity for the student body, that all of the Elected officers represent, to scrutinise their work. To see how they have been doing with their projects and assess the work they have done. Elected officers have to write up what they have been doing and the manifesto points they have completed, they will then meet with a panel of elected students, Scrutiny Committee Members, who ask them questions on their work and assess their progress.

Scurtiny Committee works as a sub-committee of Student Senate. Meaning Senate can focus on making and amending policy. 10 students are required for Scrutiny Committee. 

You can see the work of the full-time officers here just click on each of them and you'll be able to see their progress, as well as individually below. The minutes from the meeting can be found below. For 2018/2019 Scrutiny Committee the Campaign Officers are split into 'Group A' and 'Group B'.

Scrutiny Committee  - Part-Time Volunteer position role description

Who are Scrutiny Committee?







Tom Kelross (Elected member)

Janet Williams

(Elected member)

Chair of Campaign Officer Scrutiny Committee

Jeevan Kaur

(Elected member)

Tomos Evans

(Elected member)

Joseph Thomson

(Elected member)







Joshua Prior (Appointed by Chair of Senate & AGM)

Zach Edge (Appointed by Chair of Senate & AGM)

Jono Melbourne (Appointed by Chair of Senate & AGM)

Oliver Copleston (Appointed by Chair of Senate & AGM)

Chair of Full-Time Officer Scrutiny

AJ Oyedele (Appointed by Chair of Senate & AGM)


Nick Fox

Chair of Senate & AGM

(Observer for Scrutiny Committee)


Sabbatical Officer Scrutiny

2018/2019 Scrutiny Committee will be elected and selected in October of 2018. 

For 2018/19 Scrutiny for the Sabbatical Officers will meet:

  1. Tuesday 20 November
  2. Wednesday 30 January
  3. Tuesday 19 March

Group A

  • LGBT+ Open Officer
  • LGBT+ Women's Officer
  • Women's Officer
  • Black & Ethnic Minorities Officer
  • Welsh Language Officer

Group A will meet:

  1. Monday 26 November
  2. Thursday 31 Janurary
  3. Tuesday 26 March

Group B

Group B will meet:

  • Mental Health Officer
  • Ethical & Environmental Officer
  • Students with Disabilities Officer
  • International Students Officer
  • Mature Students' Officer
  1. Thursday 29 November
  2. Friday 1 Febraury
  3. Thursday 28 March

Scrutiny Committee Minutes

Each of set of minutes is to be approved at the following session of meeting (i.e. Campaign Officer scrutiny committee will approve the last Campaign Officer Scrutiny meeting)


Sabbatical Officers




Campaign Officers

26/11/2018 Group A

29/11/2019 Group B

31/01/2019 Group A

01/02/2019 Group B