Scrutiny Committee

Scrutiny Committee is an opportunity for the student body, that all of the Elected officers represent, to scrutinise their work. To see how they have been doing with their projects and assess the work they have done. Elected officers have to write up what they have been doing and the manifesto points they have completed, they will then meet with a panel of elected students, Scrutiny Committee Members’ who ask them questions on their work and assess their progress.


Scrutiny Committee works as a sub-committee of Student Senate. Meaning Senate can focus on making and amending policy. 10 students are required for Scrutiny Committee, elected in the Autumn Elections


How often does Scrutiny meet?

Scrutiny Committee will meet four times per academic year, two each term. The meetings take place on Wednesdays and see both Campaign Officers and Sabbatical Officers scrutinised on the same day .


The 2021/22 meeting dates are as follows


Wednesday 17th November, 4:30pm

Wednesday 8th December, 4:30pm

Wednesday 9th February, 4:30pm

Wednesday 23rd March, 4:30pm

How does Scrutiny work?
Scrutiny Committee Members
Scrutiny Committee Minutes