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What are elections?

The Students' Union is a democratic membership organisation. This means that decisions we make are made by students at Cardiff University. The Students' Union is led by groups such as Elected Officers, Campaign Officers, Student Senate, Scrutiny Committee, and NUS delegates.

We hold elections twice each year:

  • Autumn Elections are held in October for Student Senate, Scrutiny Committee, any vacant Campaign Officer positions, and NUS Wales Delegates

  • Spring Elections are held in February for Elected Officer, NUS UK Delegates, and Campaign Officer Positions.

Full-time Elected Officers - A group of seven full-time paid individuals who each have areas of responsibility, from being the Students' Union President to Societies and Sports, Welfare and Education, and of course Heath Park and Postgraduate students. These officers are elected for a year, and either take a year out of University to do the job or do it after they graduate.

Part-time Campaign Officers - These are 10 student volunteers who campaign on areas that matter to you alongside their studies. This includes representing student groups such as Women, LGBT+, Black and Ethnic Minorities, Welsh Language, International Students, Ethics and the Environment, Students' with Disabilities, Mental Health, and Mature students.

All students irrespective of degree program, mode of study, age, or nationality has the right to stand for election to any of the available positions and all students get to vote on who of all the candidates they think is the right person for the job. All you have to be is a current Cardiff University student.

Upcoming Elections

The next election is our Autumn Election in October. We will be looking for students to run for vacant part time Campaign Officer positions for the next academic year.

Nominations: Nominations will open Sunday 24 September 2017 at midday

Voting: Will start on the 16 October 2017 at 9am and will end on 19 October at 5pm

Nominate yourself here  Role Descriptions  Elections Information  Meet the Candidates Recommend a friend 


The winners of the 2017 Students' Union Elections were announced live in Y Plas on Saturday 27th February. If you missed the announcement, you can view the list of winning candidates and read their manfestos to see what they will be working towards in 2016-17.

Who should I vote for?

Read the manifestos and find out! We will be releasing manifestos soon after the close of nominations.If you want to figure out who has the same values and ideas as you by using 'Candidate Match'. This allows you to see their opinions and how well they link up with your own.

Where can I vote?

You can vote online - cardiffstudents.com/elections or at one of our ballot stations - find out where they are with the map below.

Talk to us about it

If you're still unsure if running in elections is for you, our Student Voice team are on the third floor of the Students' Union. Drop us an e-mail or phone us on 029 2078 1435.

Can you give a breakdown of voting for the previous year's elections?

Of course! We provide the last three year's worth of voting information here. Bear with us as we update this as it is quite new.