A statement from your Sabbatical Officers

The impact of the Scaling Policy 2021

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We have contacted the University with our growing concerns regarding the number of students being negatively impacted by the implementation of the University’s Scaling Policy. A number of students have reached out to us (your elected representatives) and our Student Advice service.

During the pandemic, students have been working tirelessly in spite of difficult circumstances, and in some cases achieved higher marks than schools may have anticipated. As a result, Examination Boards on review have been scaling cohort marks down. In some cases, this has led to changes in final degree classifications and understandably, our students are frustrated and upset.

We acknowledge the hard work from University staff to adapt to the pandemic and we appreciate that the University has taken this approach in line with the existing Scaling Policy. However, students have also had to adapt and overcome many challenges during the pandemic, we feel that the addition of scaling down their marks is fundamentally unfair.

The University and Students' Union have worked in strong partnership this year and we have achieved so much, including the Safety Net Policy to protect students from the impact of the pandemic. The hard work of the University on this has helped many students, however we believe there is more that needs to be done.

Earlier this year we requested scaling down to be amended due to the pandemic, which was not implemented by the University. We are now seeing the hugely detrimental impacts of this decision on our students, and have raised this once again.

We have strongly proposed that for this academic year scaling down is not implemented, by either making amendments to the Safety Net Policy or by freezing the Scaling Policy.

Students are dissatisfied with their experience, as seen in this year's NSS results, and this is not a great way for Cardiff University students' experience to end. We will continue our strong partnership and resolve this for our students, as soon as possible.

Students who have been affected by this will have been directly contacted by their school. If you have been affected by this please contact our Student Advice team via Advice@cardiff.ac.uk.

To show your support for this statement, please add your name here and we will keep you updated on the progress.

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