Update from your Elected Student Officers 13-01-21

Changes they are lobbying for based on your feedback

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Thank you to the students who provided vital feedback by attending the elected Student Officers virtual forum last week. With hundreds of students turning up,and over 700 comments,the meeting was hugely beneficial in collecting feedback and opinions regarding; safety net, library hours and resources, communications, international students, placements, refunds, wellbeing and support.

This feedback has been instrumental in supporting us to lobby the university for the changes that you are calling for. We have been lobbying for the protection of your grades and have demanded that students receive uncapped resits, a continuation of the “B” mark, the scaling of marks so that students can’t do worse this year compared to previous years and extenuating circumstances and assessment timings that take individual circumstances into account. We have also been requesting for  more clarity and confirmation on how these mitigating measures will cover every student.

We have also insisted that the University provide rent rebates for students who are currently paying for University Accommodation that they are no longer able to use. Alongside this, we have heavily encouraged the University to lobby Welsh Government for rent rebates for accommodation in the private sector.

We will continue to work with NUS Wales/UK and other groups to lobby the Westminster Government to provide tuition fee reimbursements.

With regards to other themes raised, we have continued our discussions with relevant departments and will continue to work to make sure these issues are addressed.We will update you as soon as we can.

This is a constantly changing situation and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more feedback/concerns you wish to raise. You can find our contact details via the webpage below.


Thank you all!

Your Elected Student Officers


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