Update from your Elected Officers 21-01-21

Find out what your Sabbatical Officers have been working on this week

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It's been another busy week here at the Students' Union so we wanted to give you a quick update to let you know what your Sabbatical Officers have been working on. 

Hannah, VP Education:

"This week I have been focusing on the Revision Aid campaign to support you through exam season. This includes LIVE study sessions throughout the week, sharing study tips and holding events for you to go to during your breaks. Thank you to all the societies and Student Led Services who have got involved, you are amazing!

After a WIN with uncapped resits and accommodation rebates, I am making my way through your feedback on the academic safety net and other issues that have recently arisen. Don’t forget you can always email me at VPEducation@cardiff.ac.uk or drop me a comment in my feedback portal on the website. I have enjoyed catching up with students over zoom, if this is something you are interested in let me know.

I have been working with my Education Executive Committee on how we can encourage others to get outside alongside their studies, what our goals are for the next term and the new Study Hangout Facebook group that has just launched which all Cardiff University students are welcome to join.

I have launched a new Study Hangout Facebook group which all Cardiff University students are welcome to join

I have been working on the Learning Community’s partnership project and using your feedback to shape a survey which will (hopefully) highlight what we need to recommend to the University going forward.

I have created Academic Misconduct videos in partnership with Student Advice to inform and support you through your difficult academic decisions.

I have spent a lot of time this week in University meetings such as University Council, Finance and Resource Committee and Academic Standards and Quality committee. In these meeting we discuss important matters which impact the University and they involve very long papers.

I have filmed and edited your next sabbatical officer podcast, check out our latest one

I have been working with members of the University on E-assessment and I would love to hear your thoughts on your experience. If you would like to be involved, get in touch! We are hoping to use staff and student feedback to guide the way forward."

Georgie, VP Welfare and Campaigns

"This week, I've been asking students for their feedback on how they want us to spend the 50k funding we received from HEFCW. All ideas are welcome and are being collated on this Padlet

I've also been working on the Student Support and Wellbeing partnership project, addressing the objectives brought up by the Student View (including the comms plan to improve communication with students). We will shortly be releasing a statement to communicate with students what Student Support and Wellbeing is doing in reaction to the comments from the forum.  

I've been asking students for their feedback on how they want us to spend the 50k funding we received from HEFCW. All ideas are welcome and are being collated on this Padlet

I've also been creating a bespoke 'Beyond Student Loneliness' resource that provides self care activities/sports/societies and wellbeing support to help manage student loneliness. There is a traffic light system of activities that recognise that levels of anxiety about going outside can fluctuate, and the activities reflect this. And on the theme of mental health, all Student Led Services came together and related brilliant resources for Blue Monday which are collated in a highlight reel on my Instagram (@VPWelfareCSU)

Finally, I've been creating a webpage that breaks down how the SU and University are spending their HEFCW allowance, working on content for LGBTQ+ History month in February (keep your eye out), and planning to launch our new Period Dignity campaign in late February which is so exciting!"

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