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CLOSED: Sustainability Awards

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Awards Season is upon us and this year, Megan David, our Welfare & Community Officer, is launching a brand new award for University staff and Students.

Cardiff University and the Students' Union are very proud of the efforts so many students and staff go to in order to raise awareness of environmental issues and working towards a more sustainable world.

This year, Megan has worked closely with the University on their environmental agenda and has taken the initiative to create the Sustainability Awards as part of the ESLA’s (Enriching Student Life Awards) to encourage, reward and gain recognition for some of the excellent work students and staff are doing towards building an environmental movement across campus.

According to the Bruntland Report for the World Commission on Environment and Development, sustainability means:

"Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

We are currently living in a time where global warming has reached a dangerous level and therefore it is time that large institutions like universities move beyond narrow ‘environmental’ concerns and instead are working hard to embed sustainability, not only within the ethos which drives the university but also throughout every day operations by all members of staff and students at the university.

The aim of these awards is to promote innovation and excellence in sustainable practices,  academic work or community engagement by recognizing and honoring those students and staff that are exemplars in the field. I hope that by embedding sustainability in our vision as a university and Students' Union, the winners chosen in these awards will demonstrate leadership, having driven demonstrable results through innovation, engagement and a commitment to building a more environmentally focused university.

Do you know a staff member or student who has shown outstanding commitment to the environment, inspired you through their excellent work in the genre of sustainability, or demonstrated passion for environmental projects, working on local, national or international initiatives? Nominate them today!

This award will be chosen by senior members of staff at the University, as well as trustees at the Students' Union. 

For more information contact welfareofficer@cf.ac.uk. Get nominating!




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