My Story: Christina Yiallouridou

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A bit about me 

My name is Christina and I am currently in my second year as a PhD student at the School of Optometry and Vision Sciences. My research is clinically-based, and focuses on investigating the experiences of patients receiving eye injections for the treatment of neovascular age-related macular degeneration. Aside from my PhD life, I enjoy travelling, photography and getting involved with organisation of events including conferences, social activities and meet-ups.  In the past 2 years, I have been actively involved in the Students’ Union as a member of the Postgraduate Life Sciences Society (PLSS). This academic year I have become a member of the Societies Executive Committee.  


Why join a society? 

I would encourage all students at all levels to join a society as I believe it is important for every student to achieve a good work-life balance. Increased pressure to meet project demands is common for PhD students and balancing this with a social life can be challenging. After all you can’t really perform at your best if you have run yourself into the ground. Afternoon social events are a great way to reward my overwork and long hours at the university and hospital. Spending time with other researchers has also helped my self-esteem and boosted my PhD productivity. Joining PLSS has helped me adapt my schedule to combine research and fun!  

About the PLSS Society 

I am currently Secretary of the PLSS, and work closely with Jennifer Benton (Treasurer) and Sean Ashworth (President), who are also PhD students. In February 2019, Sean shared his ideas of creating a society to encourage postgraduate researchers network outside of working hours. There are only two Postgraduate Societies, hence the reason why we decided to set up the PLSS in March 2019. We did this by submitting an application to the Students’ Union which was successfully accepted. One of the most exciting aspects is working with Jennifer and Sean to meet the committee’s goal; to bring researchers of all different scientific backgrounds together and to have the chance socialise over food, fun activities and casual drinks.  

We are a very relaxed society. We conduct casual meetings to discuss progress and to talk about engaging ideas to us help us plan our next event. One of the main aspects of my role involves designing posters to promote our events on social media and encouraging friends and colleagues to join. On average, between 10 and 25 people attend our events, and we have reached more than 140 members on our Facebook group.    

Interested in joining? Check our upcoming events on the Students’ Union website, our Facebook group, or simply email for more information. 

Find your new Society at Try January, Tuesday 28th January.


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