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Democracy from Day One: Students’ Union Policy

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How should students’ union policy be decided?


From the 5th March, over three days, our Sabbatical Officer and Student Voice team set up camp in the Welcome Centre to engage with you and asked the question:

How should Students’ Union policy be decided?

With four different options as a response:

  • Just an online vote
  • An online vote then debate with elected representatives
  • An online vote then a debate with randomly selected students
  • Other comments

We asked you this question with the use of some tubes and ping-pong balls to cast your vote. 

‘Just an online vote’ had 21 responses, ‘an online vote then debate with elected representatives’ had 147, ‘an online vote then a debate with randomly selected students’ having 33 comments, and finally we had 10 comments that were other suggestions.

"We’ve told you what we want, what are going to do about it?"

  • This information as well as a short survey across both campuses will be presented to Student Senate for discussion, debate, and voting!
  • All of the information is part of the democracy review that is being undertaken to make policy-making more inclusive, regular, and fun!

As we go throughout the year we will do more of these events to talk to you about the issues that matter the most. We’ll bring an inflatable sofa, some sweets, all you need to do is come say ‘hi!’.

Democracy From Day One is a new project providing the Students’ Union more data and evidence to better support and represent you. Whether we’re using it as market research or campaigning data it’s all anonymous!

Our next Democracy from Day One will be: 12th March


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