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Democracy from Day One: Food Court Feedback

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On 5th March 2018, students (that’s you guys!) on the 2nd floor of the Cathays Students' Union were asked the question:

This is your food court. What would you most like to see here?

The options included:

  • Pizza station
  • Fried chicken station
  • Pasta station
  • Make the current Snack Shack bigger with more options
  • Other ideas and suggestions

The winner was (queue dramatic music) PIZZA STATION with 145 votes compared to Pasta station (51), Fried chicken station (44) and Snack Shack expansion (9)! You can expect to see the new food outlet in the food court in the near future. A few other suggestions were made by students including 5 comments relating to bubble tea and 16 comments asking for more vegan/ vegetarian options. Please see the chart below for the results.

"We’ve told you what we want, what are you going to do about it?"

The pizza station has been implemented in The Hut on the 2nd floor! It’s all yours – make sure to grab a slice for £1.75!


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