An update from your Elected Officer Team 06-01-21

How they are representing you and asking the questions that really matter

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Welcome to 2021, and what a start to the year we have had. It is undoubtable that we are in very hard and confusing times. We are bombarded by announcements of new and somewhat conflicting COVID regulations with very little mention of universities. In the last year, there has been huge restrictions on student social activity as well as unrecognisable changes to university education.

Whilst we all know that the Welsh Government COVID regulations are put in place to protect lives and the NHS, it doesn’t stop the disastrous impact that they can have on student wellbeing and the student experience.

This is why your Students’ Union Elected Officers are dedicated to representing you and asking those questions that really matter.

Only last night, Hannah (VP Education) and Tomos (SU President) attended a meeting with key members of University management demanding clarity and better communications for our students. Now, we are focusing on lobbying the University for improved exam and assessment guidance and policy to ensure that no student is penalised as a result of the pandemic and can reach their academic potential.

That isn’t the end of it though; we’re raising your concerns about accommodation contracts and tuition fees, improving mental health and wellbeing support; and lobbying on behalf of students on clinical and professional placements for better support, guidance and protection. Most importantly, we are ensuring that, as the university has said, ‘your wishes, mental health and future aspirations will all be part of our decision-making’.

We are constantly impressed with the resilience and perseverance that our students have in following the Welsh Government restrictions and guidance. Who would have thought that we would live through a global pandemic? There is light at the end of the tunnel now, we will get through this together.

Your Students’ Union will continue to represent students and make sure that you get the experience that you deserve. If you have ideas, issues or questions, please get in contact and we will work to get answers.

Thank you.

Your Elected Officer Team 2020-21

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