Your Bucket List for Summer 2020

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This coming summer can seem like a dreaded one **insert all the terrible things that accompanied 2020 **. Yet, despite this, the summer is still salvageable. And with it, here is the top 6 things to do over your summer break (Covid-19 pending).? 


Get Outside! 

Thanks to Welsh Government, we can now enjoy more than one hour outside and we should definitely be making use of it. In the beginning of lockdown, it was very easy to fall into a hermit-like routine. But, accompanying this were some depressive and sad moods. As a result, one of your summer goals should be to get outside and exercise.  

Get outside and exercise!

If you are staying in Cardiff over the summer these are my hot spots:  

  • Cardiff Bay Barrage – plus Coffee Co is currently taking orders so you can get your caffeine fix! Whoop! 

  • Llandaff Fields 

  • Roath Park  

  • Penarth Pavilion (a little bit of a stretch but good exercise) 

  • Taff Trail (perfect for bike riding)  

** Side note ** a really cute thing to do is to rent one of the Next Bikes (discounted with Cardiff Uni) to bike around the city. You can download the NextBike App on the App Store and Android Store.  

If you are outside of Cardiff then make sure to search local walks and parks in your area or create a group with your friends to share ideas of how to get out in the fresh air. 


Create a reading list

So, this one is definitely the English student in me but now is the perfect time to get ahead with your reading —whether it be related to your course or just reading for fun (if there is such a thing). Whatever year you’re transitioning to (or even if it’s your first one), usually your reading lists will already be generated by Cardiff Uni and sent to you by the Module Teams. I would definitely recommend starting some of these books now. Not only is it less stressful when term starts, but you also feel like you’ve got your life together.  
If you are at home, then make sure you check out the Library for their long list of online books.  


Start a Hobby

Given that we are very limited in what we can do right now, working on a hobby is a great way to make use of your new-found free time. This week, I’ve just invested in a £2 Spanish book from a charity store. Whether I manage to actually learn Spanish in three months is up for debate. But it has made me feel more comfortable with spending time alone and it hopefully should reap rewards if I ever get to go abroad again. Of course, there are other options for those who aren’t into languages, like learning an instrument or taking up cooking — this one is definitely beneficial for all the first years out there.  

Read a book or start a new hobby

Get a Job

I’m not sponsored by your parents on this one, I promise. Yet, this is a really good shout if you’re travel plans have been all but cancelled. While this can seem like a daunting task right now — with the economy on the edge and all — it can also be a really good learning experience. It’s a great thing to get some experience with working life -- even if it’s unpaid. If you’re lucky enough to get paid for your time, this could really help see you through your term time when everything is a little tight. You can find a part time jobs on or There are currently 75 listed in Cardiff — maybe one of them is suited to you. 



On the topic of unpaid work is the suggestion to volunteer. This is another great way to spend your free time by getting the opportunity to give back to your local area. Just this spring, I volunteered to teach underprivileged children in the Grangetown area. While this is on hold, of course, there are other things you can get involved with.  
Check out Cardiff Volunteering or Volunteer Cardiff  for opportunities.  


Hannah Gill | Final Year Student | English Literature |@hannahgill01  



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