Why joining a sports club was the best decision I made at University!

A student story from Charlotte, President of the Ice Skating Club

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When deciding which Universities to apply to, there were many things I took into consideration: the degrees on offer, location, accommodation, and of course, social life! When I was applying, I already had a great feeling about Cardiff, as I loved the friendly feel of the city and could see myself fitting right in. 

Joining a club was the perfect opportunity to pursue something I love

Once I’d looked into my chosen degree (Spanish and Philosophy) and discovered that I loved the sound of the content, my mind was all but made  up, and then I came across something that completely made my mind up… THERE WAS AN ICE SKATING CLUB! I’ve loved skating since I was little, but was never able to take it up properly, as there aren’t any rinks near my home town, so I knew that this was the perfect opportunity to pursue something I loved! 

My Skating Journey

Despite all the exciting things going on during Freshers’, what I was most looking forward to was finding out more about the Ice Skating Club, I was so desperate to join. I learned that the club had been founded just the year before, that there were opportunities to perform, and that they hosted a mixture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic socials on Wednesdays to meet new people - which all sounded amazing!

I love every aspect of my time at University, but I have always been most excited for Wednesday afternoons – training at the rink followed by socials with a whole new group of friends. I was also lucky enough to perform in two Varsity routines, which involved a few late-night practices which were so much fun (in fact, one night I went straight from a ball to the rink in my dress and heels!). 

Fast forward to now – 3 years later and I’ve been elected as the President of the Society for the coming year and although we know that it’s going to be tough managing under new social distancing rules, our committee couldn’t be more excited to get started! 

So why should you join a Society or Sports Club? 

Why you should join a Society or Club

I loved Wednesday afternoon training followed by socials!
  • Performance opportunities
  • Fundraising events for charity
  • An amazing opportunity to meet new people
  • A whole variety of different socials, from dessert parlours to murder mysteries
  • An opportunity to try something new and boost your confidence! 

Why you should join our club in particular:

Although we don’t yet have all the answers about how our club is going to look next year, here’s some information:

  • Everything mentioned above plus 
  • No previous skating experience is necessary – we have coaches for beginner, intermediate and advanced skaters
  • You don’t need your own ice skates (although some members do end up buying their own after falling in love with the sport!)
  • A whole variety of different socials, from dessert parlours to murder mysteries

Attend our Virtual Session

Joining a club/society is a great way to make friends!

If you’ve got any questions about our lovely club, please get in touch via our social media:

  • Instagram: @cuiceskatingclub
  • Facebook Page: Cardiff University Ice Skating Club 

Charlotte Oakes | Fourth Year Student | Spanish and Philosophy