My biggest worry when I started Uni was making friends

Find out how Molly made friends during her first year at Uni

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University can be the most exciting experience, whilst also being incredibly daunting and something that forces you outside of your comfort zone. You have to move away from home, deal with the transition from A-Levels, and potentially separate from your friends. Making new friends was the biggest worry I faced, and for me was one of the most important elements of my University experience. However, I managed to meet loads of lovely people in the first week of University, as well as meeting other amazing people throughout my second year. Here are some tips I found to be useful in meeting people at university. 

Putting Yourself Out There 

Everyone I met was incredibly sociable and willing to meet others

One of the best ways to make friends is to make an effort to meet new people. I was incredibly nervous about approaching new people and starting up a conversation, however I found everyone was incredibly sociable and willing to meet others. Try to put yourself out there and approach someone to start a conversation; it’s very likely the other person wants to do the same! 

Online Group Chats 

I managed to find a University group chat for those entering the same year as me, which lifted a lot of pressure when meeting people face- to- face. Some of the people who I met in the group chat are still my close friends today! If there are any group chats online for your course consider joining one, as this takes the pressure off meeting new people.  

Why not join the Cardiff Uni SU Official Freshers Group on FB:


Joining a society is an amazing way of finding people who share a common interest with you. A lot of people I met initially joined the same society I did, which allowed me to get to know them better and establish a stronger friendship. I also met new people through society activities, including one of my second-year housemates!  

Remember you make friends along the way

Freshers’ Week  

Freshers’ is a great opportunity to meet people, as everyone is just as eager to make friends as you are! I participated in a lot of events, from nights in the SU to Lazer Tag, and once again I met so many people who would later become my closest friends. Whether you are someone who likes to go out to drinking events or someone who prefers a non-drinking activity, there are loads of events and opportunities to meet people in fresher’s ! 

Meeting People Later On 

As you progress through your degree, you are likely to meet loads of new people along the way. Try to remember in your first week that you have three years to meet others and develop your friendships, so if you don’t meet anyone right away remember not to worry! It’s important to not put too much pressure on yourself. 

Put yourself out there 

I am so happy I put myself out there, I met so many amazing people

I am honestly so happy I met people through putting myself out there. It allowed me to meet so many amazing people and build strong friendships, and even led to me meeting my second-year housemates, who are some of the closest people I have in my life! Meeting people at university is an incredibly daunting experience, however trying and proving you want to meet people will make it so much easier in the long run. I hope you find these tips useful! 

Molly Allen 

Third year, English Literature 


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