Looking after your mental wellbeing

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We know the news of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) can feel overwhelming. You may feel worried about coming into contact with the virus.

Self-care checklist during the Coronavirus outbreak:

  • Give yourself a set time to check the news and your social media each day.
  • Avoid reading ‘fake news’ on your news feed. Instead keep up to date via official pages such as Public Health Wales and NHS.
  • If social media is making you feel anxious, turn it off.
  • Those with OCD and some types of anxiety may find it difficult to be constantly told to ‘wash your hands.’ Remember the guidance is to wash your hands for 20 seconds and no longer.
  • Stay hydrated and eat well.
  • Go for a walk without looking at your phone.
  • Do something for you. Whether that is having a bath, having a cup of tea out the garden or listening to a podcast.
  • Use your 60 minutes exercise as a chance to gert fresh air if you are symptomless
  • Watch your favourite feel good movie or programme.
  • Support a local business. Helping others can uplift your spirits.

Self-care checklist if you have to self-isolate:

  • You can video call friends and loved ones for a chat.
  • You can read the book that has been sat next to your bed.
  • You can keep your space a calm zone by making sure you feel comfortable in your surroundings.
  • You can continue the activities enjoy if you can. If you enjoy attending the gym try a home work out, practice yoga via an online video or catch up on a new series.
  • You can spent time sketching, drawing doodling.
  • You can listen to music (and dance if you wish).
  • You can get some fresh air. Whether that be sitting in your garden or just opening a window.

Supporting those around you:

It is crucial that we look after ourselves but also those around us.

  • Share information from reliable sources.
  • Check in with those who may be more at risk during this time and offer to help if needed.
  • Avoid panic buying and buy what you need.

If you need to chat remember we are always avaliable

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