How to stay motivated while staying at home

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Having such a drastic change to our daily routines and being confined to the four walls of our homes for days on end can make it very easy to lose motivation. Below is a list of some simple things you can do to stay motivated during this time:

  • Establish a routine: Despite it being very easy to let one day slip into another, one of the best ways to stay motivated is to establish a routine. Make a timetable for each day and include anything from cooking breakfast, doing some coursework, or calling a relative.
  • Make a to-do list: This can include doing any university work you may have, reading a book you vowed to read months ago or even watching a documentary that’s of interest to you. Doing something, anything, will no doubt boost your mood which should, in turn, breed motivation.

  • Relax!: Constantly fretting about how little motivation you may have will unlikely make you more motivated. So, if you need a break, try to relax for a few hours before returning to your to-do list.
  • Unplug: Similar to the point above, I consider it important not to watch the news 24/7 and not to sit in front of screens all day. Consider reading a book, doing crossword puzzles, cleaning the house or even doing some colouring!
Switch your phone off!
  • Exercise:  Whether you go for a walk or a jog (provided you can stay 2 meters apart from others) or do a home workout, exercise is a proven way of releasing mood-boosting endorphins which will help you stay motivated.
  • Communicate: Thanks to modern technology it is easier than ever to talk to our friends and family, even when we’re apart. Why not take 30 minutes of your day to call your relatives or friends? I have even sent cards to some of my relatives! My friends and I have also organised a virtual pub quiz every fortnight which gives us an opportunity to catch up and talk about things other than coronavirus!
Focus on boosting your mood

Naturally this will contribute to increasing your level of motivation during a time when we need it most!

Lowri is a 4th year student in School of Modern Languages. Follow Lowri on Twitter at @lowri_pitcher


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