Go Green Week: Your Carbon Footprint

Discover the small lifestyle changes we can make to help save the planet and tackle the Climate Emergency.

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We all know we should try to reduce our carbon footprint. It is crucial for our future and the future of our planet. But what small changes can we implement to create an impact without feeling overwhelmed? And how can these changes align with promoting our overall wellbeing and being on a budget?  

Getting started  

It can seem quite daunting when thinking about reducing your carbon emissions. It may feel like you’re not doing enough. But don’t get discouraged – it’s all about progress not perfection. And remember that if everyone does one little thing, it creates a huge impact! Why not start with calculating your carbon footprint using the WWF Footprint Calculator and choosing one area that you want to improve in? 

Green Impact: Energy & Water 

We all know we should be using less energy and water. You can start with timing your showers - challenge yourself to get it under 5 minutes! Another impactful thing you can do is to switch to a renewable energy provider – it’s good for the planet and it doesn’t have any additional costs! 

Green Impact: Food Waste & Recycling 

My no. 1 tip for recycling is the ‘3Rs’: first and foremost, reduce, then reuse, and at last recycle. And don’t forget to about the most under-recycled items in Wales, which are:  

  • Aerosol cans, which can be recycled multiple times without losing their quality. 

  • Food waste, including tea bags & coffee grounds, eggshells, bones, and peelings; it’s turned into renewable energy, so it's definitely worth it! 

  • Plastic bottles from your bathroom like hand wash, body wash, shampoo and conditioner bottles, bubble bath bottles and plastic cleaning products.  

Green Impact: Biodiversity  

Preserving biodiversity is crucial in tackling the climate crisis. If you’re into plants, you can get a free wildflower seed mix from Co-Op, and once planted observe what pollinators the flowers attract. Do you pay attention to the biodiversity around you when you’re out and about? Check out the Spotabee App, where you can upload pictures of the bees you see on walks to help map the urban bee garden. It’s a great way to practice mindfulness too!  

Green Impact: Travel 

Travel is a huge contributor to our carbon emissions. So why not explore Cardiff and the local area on foot or by bike? Bute Park, Roath Park, Cardiff Bay, and Penarth are all personal favourites of mine. And spending time in nature is great for your overall wellbeing! If you’re able to you can also donate to Regrow Borneo, an amazing tree planting project which focuses on carbon mitigation, reforestation and supporting local communities.  

Green Impact: Procurement 

We all know we should be buying less. So next time you’re about to buy an item why not think if you can upcycle something you already have? A jar of pickles can turn into a cutlery holder, planter or simply be used for storage – get creative! It’s also a great idea to try out some local initiatives – Cathays Clothes Swap, the Riverside Market, and Ripple are all great places to start!  


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