Go Green Week: Cathays Clothes Swap

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Cathay’s Clothes Swap 

Why was it set up?  

Aimed to create a platform for people to use an alternative way to shop buying pre-loved clothing locally. Buying second-hand clothes reduces your contribution to the impact caused by the fast fashion industry and sourcing items locally will hopefully reduce waste from packaging and any emissions accounted from delivery. The page aims to introduce a new way to shop and hopefully influence people to shop second-hand, move towards a more circular economy and be more conscious with their spending habits.  

Why is there a need for change?   

The fashion industry now accounts for 10% of global emissions and up to 92 million tons of textiles ends up in landfill each year. Waste from fashion releases microplastics into the environment and when burnt it produces toxic gases into the atmosphere. Furthermore, as the demand for cheap clothes and consumption rates of our society increase, production rates increase putting pressure on the garment workers who are often undervalued and underpaid for their work in unethical conditions.  

How to shift your fast fashion habits and have less of an environmental impact 

Search on second-hand clothing apps such as Depop for an item that you are after, it is likely to be cheaper and if everyone did this it will reduce the demand for fast fashion. Platforms on Facebook have become popular recently where you can buy, sell or swap clothes with likeminded people. Use these platforms to sell or swap your clothes instead of throwing them in the bin. Donate good quality items to charities, friends or family, you never know what people might take interest to!  

Martha Garstang


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