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Hi there! We are Lucas Jakabovic and Georgia Day, and in March of 2020 we were elected as your LGBT+ (Trans) Officer and the LGBT+ (Open) Officer for the coming year. This means that we jointly lead the LGBT+ Association, which runs yearly campaigns to raise awareness and support for the LGBT+ community.  

CU Pride 

For both of us personally, we were eager to continue our involvement with LGBT+ alongside our studies when we moved to Cardiff. We both found this was easy to do as Cardiff University Students Union has a large and thriving LGBT+ Society, CU Pride.

Cardiff SU has a thriving LGBT+ Society!

CU pride has roughly 300 members so it is a great way to meet new friends. The society often hosts 3 socials a week, there are weekly alcohol-optional socials which often include a party and at least 1 non-alcoholic social every week. 
Although socials may look a little different this year the society will do their best to run some form of activity, so if you are interested make sure you join our society and follow us on social media.


In 2019 Lucas also set up a Trans+ Society called TANGGS. This is a fabulous society that hosts fortnightly discussion panels mixed in with fortnightly activity-based socials which have now all been moved into online spaces. Their aims as a society are to provide a social space for trans and non-binary people, as well as to educate anyone who is willing to learn about our identities.  

Trans Safe Space 

Cardiff University also hosts a recently established Trans Safe Space, which is run by and facilitated for transgender and non-binary students, which previously consisted of us meeting once a month to chat, rant and play some games in a room on Park Place. If you are interested in joining  Trans Safe Space, email us at:? 

The wider city 

Cardiff as a wider city has several LGBT+ venues, such as the nightclub Pulse and  other bars and pubs which are often visited by CU Pride for their socials. For LGBT+ people who are Christians or are interested in the Christian faith, there is an inclusive church space in the city centre called The Gathering, which aims to provide a safe space for people  to explore faith and spirituality. Additionally, there are other affirming churches in and around Cardiff, and the  SU’s Student Christian Movement society is one of these such groups.  

There is loads happening in Cardiff and Facebook seems to be the way to find it! 

There is also a local Facebook group which was started by some local activists titled ‘Cardiff & Valleys Trans Meet Ups’ for trans and non-binary folk all across South Wales. They have held many social gatherings (now over Zoom), and have also organised Trans Rights Protests in Cardiff City Centre. They also run a mutual aid page on Twitter (@SWTNMutualAid) where they host multiple projects to help our local community.  Another fantastic event in the LGBT+ Calendar is The Big Queer Picnic. This is an annual event hosted in Bute Park, which is an alternative Pride for all LGBT+ folk and can be found on Facebook.  Another venue Cardiff has to offer is Aubergine, a plant-based cafe in Riverside run by autistic and queer people which aims to be an accessible space for all.  Although derailed by COVID19 we hope to see the opening  of a new queer bookshop in Cardiff, the plans of which will be still be going ahead once it is safe to do so.  Cardiff is also home to Glitter, a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic LGBT+ group who recently held a virtual pride celebration and can be found on Twitter and Facebook under Glitter Cymru.  


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