Exams, Deadlines, and a Pandemic!

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As if this semester wasn’t challenging enough with blended learning and lockdowns that we soon need to prepare ourselves for the upcoming exam period. Exams and assessment deadlines are almost always hectic and tense; except this time will be different with the pandemic still around. But we are all a lot stronger than we know, and with diligence, persistence, and a few tips we will make it through these examinations. Here’s a few reminders to get you started:

  1. Find out your exam timetable:

Log into SIMS and click on ‘Exam Timetable’ to access the dates for your exams. Make sure to add these your calendar or note them down to avoid confusion later. The examination period for the Autumn semester starts from 25th January 2021 till 29th January 2021.

  1. Go back to your course material and notes:

Check the syllabus for the exam in your module handbook and see whether you have all the study material you’ll need. Also check if your notes are up to date; it helps to skim through them later for a quick revision. Moreover, the library has tons of study material, available both physically and online, that can help you prepare better.

  1. Make a plan:

As dreadful as this sounds, it has proved to be the most helpful way to prepare for assessments. Take out a few minutes from your day to write down your approach for the upcoming exams. Do this well in advance, so that you give yourself ample time to revise.

  1. Make use of the university’s resources:

Cardiff University offers a plethora of study skills resources across all schools. These include study spaces, access to past papers, writing support, guides and tutorials, specialist study skills support, and wellbeing support . You can even talk to student mentors or your personal tutors if you need any help. Additionally, the university’s ‘safety net policy’ and reporting extenuating circumstances can be helpful too, especially in these challenging times.

  1. Last-minute Checklist:
    • Finish your revision; if you have lots of it left, now is the time to prioritise.
    • Make sure your internet connection is steady. If not, make other arrangements (ethernet cable, hotspot etc.)
    • Choose a comfortable spot to give the test and keep all requirements handy.
    • Don’t over-prepare. Trust yourself. You’re ready for it.
    • Stay hydrated and eat well.
    • Maintain calm. Go for a walk or call a friend or whatever helps you. But remember, we’re still in a pandemic, you must follow the local rules.
    • Please avoid last minute revision. It will only cause panic.

Even though this exam period will be different and more demanding, I believe that if we are motivated enough, we will do well. So, take a rest and enjoy the holiday season before you get prepping for your assessments. Stay safe and optimistic and remember the smart and strong-willed person that you are!

If these tips helped you, do let me know. If you want to chat or need help, just drop me a message on the accounts below.

Kasvi Sehgal

B.A. Journalism, Media and English Literature (Year 2)

Instagram: @kasviisehgall

Twitter: @kasviisehgall



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