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Frequently Asked Questions

We've put some of our commonly asked questions together on this page. If we haven't already answered your question, get in touch using the details at the bottom of this page.

Is this a paid position?

This role is not a paid one. This does not by any means make it less important or less of a valuable use of your time. You will become very well-acquainted with the Students’ Union and obtain a wide understanding of opportunities with the SU throughout the year. We are aiming to ensure that this project is one that will be as valuable for you and your personal and professional development as possible. We are incredibly grateful to anyone who wishes to give us their time during Freshers, and so we will be making sure that this time is spent as well as it can for everyone involved.

Through involvement with the Students’ Union and projects similar to this one, many of our volunteers have been highly successful in terms of paid and graduate employment opportunities.

What is the deadline for applications?

Applications were due to close on Friday 3rd September 2021 but we're extending it until the 14th September to give you more time to get involved. Any applications given on the last few days of recruitment will have to complete their application form, phone chat and online training very quickly in order to be ready for team training on the 16th September.

What are the dates of Freshers?

ID card pick-up and enrolment begins on Monday 20th September. Halls officially open and students start moving in from Wednesday 22nd September. This is when things will start getting very busy, and we will have a lot of new students to meet and welcome. Freshers Fairs will be taking place between Monday 28th and Saturday 2nd October.

When do I need to be available?

Compulsory training for the Welcome has been scheduled in Thursday 16th September so you will need to be back in Cardiff for that date.

Once training has been completed, you will be able to start signing up for shifts. You can select shifts at days and times to suit you. You will also have the option of taking on additional training if you would like to further specialise your role.

What if I am not available for training?

If you know you will be unable to make the training date, please do not let this put you off applying and getting involved. We may very well be able to work something out, just let us know by selecting the appropriate tick box in your application.

Once you have received this training package, there will be a fair amount of flexibility when it comes to shifts so we should be able to accommodate you.

Can I get involved if I am no longer a student?

Yes, we do accept applications from recent graduates. Your experience is incredibly valuable to us! Just let us know on your application form.

What if I have other commitments?

We need everybody to be available for training, and we need 15-20 hours of participation. Other than that, we are planning on being hugely flexible with rotas and ensuring that you are able to fit this role easily around any and all other commitments. We do ask that you remember to put your own mental and physical wellbeing first, however, and so would recommend not taking on more than you can reasonably handle.

Will I be expected to wear specific clothing?

Yes, that's why we ask for your t-shirt size in your application form. You will be expected to wear your Welcome Team t-shirt for all activities you volunteer for during Freshers. There are also specific t-shirts for anyone volunteering with Give it a Go.

Is the t-shirt free?

You will be provided with one t-shirt for use during Freshers.

Can I get involved with the Students' Union for the rest of the year?

Yes you can, you can find out more information about this on the 'Stay with Us' tab at the top of this page.

Is this role good for personal development?

Volunteering with Welcome Team requires a basic level of communication and interpersonal skills, that being said, if you possess these skills, you will find the role incredibly enjoyable and beneficial. You should gain plenty of confidence, experiences and very importantly, excellent connections with students and your Students' Union.

I'm away until the middle of Freshers, can I still get involved?

It is very important that all Welcome Team volunteers are trained to the same excellent standard. With this in mind, if you can't attend any training, you will not be permitted to volunteer. Please do fill in an application form, and if later training dates are arranged, someone will get in touch with you regarding this.

Will I get to pick my shifts?

Yes you will. There will be an online rota that you are able to use to sign up to your shifts. The shift process will be explained further at training in September.

Is this a good way to get involved with student life in Cardiff?

This is a fantastic way to get involved with improving the student experience at Cardiff University, making new friends and assisting your fellow students.

Can I sign up with my friend?

Yes you can! As long as your friend is a fellow student or very recent graduate we welcome your applications.

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