Get Wales Walking Cymell Cymru I Gerdded

Get Wales Walking Cymell Cymru I Gerdded

There will be an induction and training session 15:30 - 19:00 on Tuesday 21st January, in room 4G on the fourth floor of the SU. 

We're looking for volunteers to join us for an exciting new project aiming to help people over 50 be more active.

Rydyn ni'n chwilio am wirfoffolwyr i ymuno â ni ar gyfer prosiect newydd cyffrous I helpu pobl dros 50 fod yn fwy egniol. 

As a volunteer you'll take part in walks for groups of people who have been referred to the project and who may find it difficult to keep active within their community.

Volunteers who sign up will be put in contact with the Living Streets Project Coordinator for an informal meeting prior to being invited to the training.

Training will take place in the Students' Union and each volunteer will get a branded T-shirt and kit bag for free. All the project asks is a commitment of 12 walks or sessions. Walks can include an hour or two around a local park or a ten-minute stroll down to the shops. A session might include a memory talk or a cup of tea or cake. You'll spend some time getting to know the participants and designing routes together, and you can then decide whether you'd like to be a walk leader or encourage people at the back of the group to keep walking. 

There are usually 4-5 people on the group walks with 1-2 volunteers. Volunteers will not be expected to lead a group on their own unless they feel comfortable doing so.

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