Why should I do an SDS course?

There are so many great reasons to take part in the courses and sessions provided by the Skills Development Service. Here are just a couple for you to think about.

Transferable skills are getting more and more valuable.

In today’s economic climate, companies think very carefully before they take on graduates and new recruits. Now that degrees are becoming the norm, businesses are demanding that in addition to academic knowledge there is a growing need for the development of soft skills in addition to the hard skills needed to perform a specific job function.  These include the ability to listen well, communicate effectively, be positive, manage conflict, accept responsibility, show respect, build trust, work well with others, manage time effectively, accept criticism, work under pressure, be likeable, and demonstrate good manners.  So do the employers a favour and make yourself stand out.

Taking time outside of your studies to invest in your skills and develop yourself positively reflects very well on yourself.

Potential employers like to look for qualities which set certain candidates apart from others, and are impressed when they see that individuals have taken the opportunities available to them to improve their prospects.

The vast majority of SDS courses are completely free.

When you leave university, you will find that undertaking this kind of program will be extremely costly. It makes much more sense to take advantage of them now, rather than waiting until you really need them and have to pay.  Even the externally-certificated courses are at a cheaper rate than one would pay within the community or in employment. 

SDS courses are a great way to meet new people and make friends.

Courses like the ones offered by the SDS provide the perfect opportunity to network in a fun and informal environment with people who have the same interests as you.  

The service provided by the SDS is unique.

Only a handful of other Students’ Unions across the country provide anything similar to the SDS. Make the most of your experience as a Cardiff student and use the opportunities which are available to you now – you’ll miss them when you move on!

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