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General Information

The majority of SDS courses take place in the Students’ Union, although sometimes courses are moved to other university locations. Attendees will always be notified if there is a location alteration.

SDS courses take place throughout term-time during both daytime and evening slots. First Aid courses usually take place on Saturdays.


All current Cardiff University students on degree and post-graduate courses, including doctorates, are eligible to attend SDS courses. Additionally, Masters Students who have completed their studies and are awaiting the results of their Autumn dissertation may attend SDS courses in the Autumn term.

Booking courses and sessions

Most units in the Certificate of Personal Development and Diploma of Personal Development schemes can be booked at https://www.cardiffstudents.com/jobs-skills/skills-development-service/sds-courses/  

If a unit appears full it is possible to turn up unannounced as we will will endeavour to accommodate you providing space exists.

Some sessions are delivered by the University's Counselling and Wellbeing team, and require a different website and these will appear on the session title line in the bookings list. When booking such ignore the allocation full remark which might appear. intially and continue to search for a place on the website booking page indicated.

Some courses - fee paying usually - will be booked at "What's On" and you will be advised accordingly. 


All SDS courses, apart from the externally-certificated ones, are provided free of charge for participants.

For details of costs associated with externally-certificate courses please click here

Course leaders  

SDS courses are led by a variety of people, including its 2 staff members, specially-trained student-peer trainers, University staff, outside instructors and the programme sponsor, (TeachFirst).


SDS courses do not culminate in exams as such. Aside from the formal assessments required of the individual externally-certificated courses and sessions, learning is measured through discussion, active participation and reflection.

Gaining certification

Upon completion of a Certificate of Personal Development, or the ratification of the Diploma of Professional Development, you will be e-mailed an on-line evaluation and reflection form.  Once you have completed this form your name will go forward for certification.  Certificates of Personal Development are issued in e-format and will be emailed to you around 2 weeks after completion of the evaluation and reflection.  You can print the e-certificate at a library, University print centres or print it off yourself.  Diplomas of Professional Development will be issued in hard format and will be available around 2 weeks after completion of the evaluation and reflection.

Certificates for externally-accredited courses will be issued by the providers in question and can take between 1 and 4 weeks to be processed following successful completion.