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What should we stand for?

We want to hear your amazing ideas on what the students' union should be doing!

Your idea can big or small. University or Union. The Student Voice team are here to help you. If you're not sure how to formulate your idea, get in touch with them.

How does it work?

This platform allows students to 'up vote' or 'down vote' your idea. If a 'down vote' is recieved, that means the total number will go down i.e. if you have 0 votes and someone 'down votes' it will become -1 votes. 

If your idea recieves 50 votes then it will be taken to Student Senate. Student Senate will then debate the idea and vote as to whether or not it will become students' union policy. If your idea has an operational component (for example, "the students' union should serve more vegan-friendly options") we can probably look at that without you having to pass it through this system, by providing feedback directly to our Sales and Customer Services team. So what are you waiting for?

Furthermore, our Bye Laws Appendices say:

(a) Policy ideas must be submitted through the students’ union online voting mechanism before they are added to the Student Senate Agenda. Members Meeting policy is excluded from this process, instead the process for submitting policy will be outlined within the Notice of the Members Meeting 

i) Students submit their policy idea via the students’ union website 

ii) If the policy idea is of operational concern it will be added to the next Leadership or Management Team meeting and will not require a vote 

iii) If the policy idea is a political stance or request for action from the elected representatives of the students’ union, the policy idea will be made available for students to vote on within one working day of the submission 

iv) Policy ideas will be given two weeks to receive a minimum of 50 votes in order to be added to the upcoming Student Senate agenda outside of the academic term this timeframe may be extended 

All Students

Please submit an idea that you feel will improve the student experience at Cardiff

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Other ways to make change

There are lots of other ways for you to provide feedback and make change in your students' union: