Students for Global Health Society

Conflict and War in Congo - A Healthcare Perspective

Sir Donald Walters Boardroom (3rd floor), Cardiff Students' Union Building • Thu 14 November 2019 20:00-21:30

Part of the Disparities in Healthcare Short Course. Sub Sahara Advisory panel in Wales have excitedly decided to join us this year. This event will include multiple speakers

A retired senior NICU nurse, who is the cofounder of the LFAM, an organisation set up in 2005 to try and address the tragedy of maternal mortality in subsaharan Africa, will be joining us to speak about her experiences working in West Africa.

A former UN worker, freelance journalist, and the coordinator of the South People's Project, a Wales based African Diaspora registered Charity, will be giving us insight into the ongoing conflicts in DR Congo, followed by a Congolese diaspora sharing their personal insight.

This is part of our Disparities in Healthcare Short Course; there are certificates signed by the Dean of Medicine available for those who attend at least 4 of our fortnightly short course events this term.

FREE for members, £1 for non-members.