Students for Global Health Society

The Facts about Female Genital Mutilation: Short Course

Room 4A/B Cardiff SU • Thu 21 March 2019 18:00-20:00

Tetyana Pshchulkovska is a specialist FGM midwife that is directly involved in the education of health professionals across a broad sector about FGM.

Its health implications and welfare of the effected families, treatment options, advocacy and education within the local communities. 

In this talk, Tetyana will be discussing an update & review of what FGM is, the types, prevalence and health implications around it, as well as further insight into UK legislation and our organisational responsibilities as health professionals when dealing with cases of FGM in our care. She will be covering statutory duties & referral processes, and we will get the opportunity to discuss several case studies. 

This is part of our Women's Health Short Course, there are certificates available for those who attend at least 4 of our fortnightly short course events this term.