Quench goes to... DUBLIN!

• Thu 24 Jan 2019 - Sat 26 Jan 2019

The annual editorial trip this year will be going to Dublin for 2 days!

Quench will be heading to Dublin for our annual trip on which our issue 172 will be entirely based! We will be leaving Cardiff in the morning of the 24/01/2019 and coming back on the 26/01/2019. We will be spending 2 days and 2 nights where, during the day each section will be going off to do their own thing, depending on what content the section will be producing for the issue. We will be meeting up for meals and to go out at night and have a fantastic time together! 

The cost of the trip will be of about 100£ (however, this may be subject to slight changes) and it will include: 

- Return bus from Cardiff to Bristol Airport 

- Return flight from Bristol to Dublin 

- Accommodation in a hostel in Dublin 

The payment will take place in two slots: a first deposit of 50£ and a second payment of the remaining amount, which will be confirmed after the booking has been made. 

PLEASE NOTE that once you've paid the deposit we WILL book you a ticket and therefore you will be REQUIRED to pay for the whole trip, so make sure that the dates work for you and that you don't change your mind because you will still be asked to pay for it. 

PLEASE ALSO NOTE that the prices are not DEFINITE just yet and may subject to slight changes. We will make sure that we stay as close as possible to the 100£, but this may be slightly more depending on when we make the booking. 

Once you made the payment of your deposit please make sure that you fill in this spreadsheet with your personal and passport details that we will need to use for the bookings: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lIjzQZidv7KNC9ZZ8LW8uqMiFOzf8gVTj8dcOszP5nE/edit?usp=sharing 


Tickets will go OFF-SALE ON SUNDAY 6/01 at midnight, so get buying!!