Wildlife and Conservation Society

Conservation at Coed Y Felin Woods!

Meet at Cathays Queen Street • Sun 17 February 2019 13:45-16:00

Come join the Cardiff Community Rangers as we help with maintenance and restoration in Coed Y Felin Woods (Lisvane). Only a short train away for an afternoon of fun. This will count towards the John Muir Award & give great conservation experience!

Interested in local conservation?

Join Wildsoc as we help the Cardiff Community Rangers for a couple of hours at Coed Y Felin Woods (Lisvane, Cardiff). This is only a short train journey away and will be a nice break from university! We will arrive at Lisvane (and Thornhill) station at 14:00 and walk via Heol Cen Onn into the woods.

This is open to anyone who would like to tag along!

This will count towards the John Muir Award


Please arrive 10 minutes early to ensure you make the train!

Depart Cardiff Queen Street at 13:50 and arrive at 14:00.

Depart Lisvane and Thornhill station at 16:04 and arrive back to Queen Street at 16:14.

Cost: £5.40 return with no railcard and £3.55 return with railcard


- Gumboots/hiking shoes are ideal footwear, but decent (not your fanciest prettiest) trainers/sneakers are acceptable too.

Do not turn up in sandals/flip-flops please.

- Long-sleeved tshirts are best to wear, to avoid scratches and cuts from unruly brambles and whatnot!

- Always bring a coat as this is Wales and we cannot guarantee "good" weather. But don't let it put you off coming - conservation is still fun even in the rain!



Whilst under the supervison of Forest Farm community rangers you will be required to act appropriately as sharp and dangerous tools may be involved during sessions. Please respect this and consider other people's safety. Acting inappropriately may lead to you being asked to leave - this is under the consideration of the rangers in charge of the sessions.